Chic Winter Trends

Looking for the hottest Winter Trends?
No snow yet for some,but it will come eventually so get prepared! 

Here are some of the hottest winter trends this season.

Camel Swing Coats: Cameron Diaz, Grace Kelly,Victoria Beckham to Rhianna, The Camel Coat brings out modern chic.

cameron diaz

Dressed up-down: Try a pair of Winter Leggings and a Chunky Knit sweater or a turtle neck, then top it off with a pair of knee high boots. 

Fur Vests: believe it or not fur it going to make a come back so you might as well prepare yourself before they sell out!

Big Bright Bags: Make yourself pop! with color that is

Leather Jacket: This is my favorite trend for the season, nothing is more sexier than a confidant woman in a fitted leather jacket.

Boucle Jacket: show off your body with a Boucle Jacket

see season favorites on my other blog for more dress attire for New Years

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