Personal Tea Cups!

Have you felt like making a tea?

*You go into the kitchen to decide on what kind. 

*YUM wild berry tea looks good, you say to yourself.

*Then you notice its a loose leaf tea and you don't feel like making a whole pot just for one cup.

*So, you boil your water and have a bagged black tea instead.

Ever happen to you? You just want ONE cup but you if you want the loose leaf you have to make a giant pot or it doesn't seem worth it.

I found these awesome Tea Cups at David's Tea
These little guys are AMAZING! 

Lids to keep the aroma in while it steeps
You own little infuser that fits right inside
An an assortment of Colors and Designs

We picked these two, the red one is a special seasonal one I think so if you like it you better get it now :)
They are super cheap, only 20 bucks! 

If you don't want the same flavor of tea as the other person you can both have separate flavors which is another benefit, one that I like!
I rarely feel like more than one cup of tea so this is perfect. Especially on sick day's or cold cozy days, and you don't have to just have tea in the cups you can use them for coffee or hot chocolate, and use the lid to keep it warm!

I love finding little unique things that are useful. 
These will definitely get there money's worth.

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