Necklines that fit you best

Are you sure as to which neckline fits YOU best? If you haven't considered even thinking about it, you should. 
Whether you know it or not, the shape of your top can effect many things on your upper body.
Lets take a look at what I mean by that.

Whether you are shopping for a T-Shirt ,Henley,Sweater,Spring dress or even a Wedding dress, you must consider what suits you best.


Who this look is for:

  • Someone with a shorter neck will benefit this as it will make the illusion of is being longer with the deep V.
  • Anyone with a small or large chest, this look flatters almost everyone. Smaller chest should go with a wider cut V where as larger chested women should wear a more narrow cut V. 
  • Really large breasted women (d cup and up) should avoid this style all together. Everything will just end up spilling out everywhere.


Who this look is for:
  • Smaller chested women who are slender in the shoulder area.
  • This look will make you appear a bit wider that you are by elongating your shoulders out.
  • This look is not ideal if you have a large chest,broad shoulders or a short neck.


Who this look is for:
  • This look is best for small to medium sized chested women,if you have larger sized breasts this style will make them appear even larger.
  • If you have shorter neck this style can make you appear as if you have an even smaller one, so this is best to avoid if you have a short neck.

Quick tips:

  • Higher necklines work best on smaller chested women to help make the illusion of a larger chest, while low cut shirts will help accentuate a women with a larger bust.

  • Boat-neck and crew-neck will flatter a person with a longer face shape,deep neck lines or v-cut will narrow wider faces.

Cool facts:
  • The crew-neck t-shirt was developed in 1932 to act as an undershirt to absorb sweat and to prevent football players shoulders from getting chapped from their shoulder pads.

  • The Boat neck is also called bateau neck(commonly for wedding dress') and was traditionally used to inspire knitwear and sweater styles.The styles concept came from sailors shirts, the neckline was purposed for quick removal if a sailor fell overboard.  

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