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Got a scuff on that shoe?

Just squeeze out a pea size worth of white toothpaste wipe it on the scuff in a circular motion, then wipe off using a damp sponge. Your shoes will look almost brand new!

Got a nick in that heel?

You look down and all you see is a chunk taken out of your shoe and nothing makes you more mad, especially if they are a new pair or your favourite!!

Here is a quick fix

Try finding a nail polish that matches the color of your shoes.
Then all you do next is apply to the are that is in need of the color and voilĂ .

How To Correctly Shape Your Eyebrows

  • Popsicle stick or a thin makeup brush
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Kleenex or napkin

Did you know that the shape of your eyebrows can really define the look of your face? They are one of the most important features that we have, that need a little more tender loving care.

Before you start make sure you outline the shape you want and what you think looks best with your face.
  long or oval face shapes carry flatter brows better, while round, heart, and square face shapes require an arch. 

 Step one: Line your Popsicle stick or makeup brush, along the side of your nose until it hits the brow bone. This is where your eyebrow should start.
  • Mark that spot

Step two:Look at yourself in the mirror and move the stick over your pupil onto the top of your eyebrow.This is where your arch should start.

  • Mark that spot

Step three: Place the stick at the end of your mouth and move it toward to the outward brow. This is the where the eyebrow should end.

  • Mark that spot

Step four: Start tweezing! Remember to go slow and only remove two-three rows of hair depending on thickness.

Welcome to the new you!

Quick Tip

Remove eye make-up with a dab of Vaseline its cheap and effective!

Other effective use: Fill in your brows, brush them into place and then smooth Vaseline over them to keep them in place all day!


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HONEY I GOT A SECRET- careful its messy!

Have you ever thought about putting honey on your face as a mask or just to use as a cleanser? well you should start to think about it!
I will tell you why.

Most face cleansers at the store have harsh chemicals in it that burn and dry your skin out. Honey is an all natural easy and effective way to get rid of even the most stubborn blemishes and black heads and give you a clear complexion, and give your face a natural glow!


As a cleanser: 

  • Wash your face with warm water to get all the extra gunk off. 
  • Dispense about a quarter size of honey into the palm of your hands or onto your finger tips. Add a little bit of warm water and mix it between your hands to make it warm and easier to apply. (Pay special attention to problem areas while messaging onto your face.)
  • Rinse honey off your face and see your skin glow!
Quick tip: use your hands to wash face instead of a washcloth, washcloths can be harsh on your face leading to more acne,wrinkles and breaking the skin.

As a mask:

  • Put one table spoon of honey into a bowl
  • Put one teaspoon of olive oil into the same bowl(olive oil nourishes the skin)
  • Put one egg WITHOUT YOLK into the same bowl 
  • Mix everything together until you get a creamy liquid
  • Apply a warm facecloth directly to your face to open the pores (leave on for about 2 minutes)
  • Apply the mixture to your face ,sit and rest for about 20-25 minutes
  • Rinse off with warm water with a splash of cold at the end to close up those pores and make your face more firm.
(Putting fresh cut cucumbers on your eyes will also bring down swelling and dark circles, it also makes it feel like you are at a spa!)

QUICK TIP: Putting honey on your zit reduces swelling and scabbing, it will also help the ones already scabbed over heal faster.

Please note this can be very messy, and also make sure you avoid your eye area.You don't want this sticky stuff in your eyes.

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