Feel like a princess


Sometimes I like to practice "proper" ways of living, like a princess.
Since Kate Middleton has shown how fashionable,elegant and being normal can look like it seems easy to get into the rhythm So flick those sneakers outta here and start feeling beautiful.

Fix that posture! – When have you ever seen a princess slouch? Standing tall gives the allure of elegance and grace – both qualities of a princess.
Stylish robe What could be more elegant than stepping out of the shower or your bath and slipping on a gorgeous robe? And, it doesn’t have to be purple velvet to feel regal – any silk robe that makes you feel beautiful will do.
Tea for One ? - Take some time for yourself, start with a steaming teapot or kettle of water poured into a dainty teacup, then add a high-quality tea sachet or loose-leaf tea and a bit of sugar and/or cream; then sip, relax and enjoy your alone time.


Pearls of Wisdom 
- No need to wait for a fancy ball or even a wedding to wear those precious pearls, flaunt them during a shopping trip or a night out with the girls. Pearls are a great way to make yourself feel beautiful!

Splurge - Buy one item that makes you feel spoiled rotten. Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton bag, flatscreen TV, or even just a really pretty necklace that you can enjoy every day, spend on something that will make you feel special.

Pamper - Get a blow-out right before a girls night out, get a massage when you've had a tough week, stop in for a facial when you need time alone. These little things aren't necessary, but they’ll make you feel like a million bucks when you do them.

Remember take time for yourself, nurturing your mind, body, and soul. And, no matter how small the gesture or behavior, whatever you do, do it with confidence and with style.

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