Top 5 weirdest foot decor

I really enjoy slippers, especially during the winter seasons. They are great to bring with you to homes while visiting if they have hardwood flooring, of it you just want something squishy to stand on while socializing.
Here are some really odd slippers I found.


These are Flip Flops but I thought they were kinda neat! These are made for children and come in a variety of animal foot prints.You can choose from 5 different bottoms.
  • cat 
  • monkey
  • zaurus
  • gecko
  • owl
They are like rubber stamps for your feet on the beach!

check out the site here

This Rug is by Lise El Sayed and I think its fantastic! If the picture doesn't spear for itself, its a rug with built in slippers. 
Now when you have guests over you have enough for everyone, or if you are like me and lose things because you don't put them back in the same spot,this will never let them get lost!
The designer makes some really neat stuff. 
Check it out

Sushi Slippers, you can get fortune cookie ones too! These Sushi slippers are fantastic!


These Dust slippers are meant so you can walk around the house and dust the floors and in the corners.You can also get ones that mop the floors too! These are made for the lazy. However they are clever.
I'm not sure if I can going to jump on these anytime soon but they are pretty funny to look at.

 LED Slippers. A company called bright feet make these and they are a as seen on tv product. 
They can light up to 25 feet in the dark so you can get around your house without having to wake anyone up by turning the lights on. I don't know if they light up so much that you can find the door handle or what you are looking for but kinda a neat idea.

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