Top things Men and Women notice about eachother

 8 Things Men notice about Women

When Men look around the room they are mentally checking things off a list in their head, this is to determine whether or not they will take the leap and ask you out. Here are the TOP 8 things that men notice.

  1. The size of your group: Try to keep your group of girls to a minimum. Two or three with you would be the perfect amount. Not enough to make him think you will ignore him, and not too little to think you won't want to leave and grab a drink with him in private.
  2. If your smile is genuine: Relax and have fun, make sure if you are going to smile,make it count.
  3. How thick your hair is:Thick long luscious hair means healthy!
  4.  The pitch of your voice:Heightening your tone of voice(not to high) will signal guys as it is a reliable sign of youth and reproductive health
  5. Your eyes:Make your eyes pop.Draw him in with dramatic makeup.
  6. Fake add ons: Men will notice your fake nails, fake lashes and hair extensions, this tell them you are high maintenance and probably shouldn't bother.
  7. The middle: Yup they look at hips and waist. They want to know if you will be able to produce their spawn.
  8. How much you glow: Get out that bronzer and make yourself shine!(but not oily shine) Give yourself the illusion of perfect skin, even if you don't. The healthier you look the better!

Just Remember, Be yourself!

Wanna know what women notice about men? Here are the top 5

  1. Shoes: If a man is wearing torn up raggity dirty shoes is a total turn off.You don't have to go out and get a really expensive pair, just look reasonable.
  2. Smell:Women LOVE the smell of men, so make sure you are properly cleansed and have a splash of cologne on. Doesn't hurt to pop a mint and make your breath fresh either.
  3. Sense of humor: Please don't try and make everything that comes out of your mouth funny. Little Witty and funny comments or laughing at yourself shows you have a sense of humor. Don't just blurt out anything you think is going to make us laugh.
  4. If you are honest:Don't act like a know it all, and definitely don't give a bunch of bologna lines that make you seem cool. Women can sense if you are being yourself and honest, and the first sign that you are not ? shes outta their.
  5. Conversation: Make sure that you are interested in what she has to say , and be interested not just act like you are. Give up a few stories of how great you are and let her speak. You will get to know all the stories later if you let her have a turn. If not then your stories won't matter anyways.

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