Guy on a budget

Spring Fashion for the guy who's on a budget

This spring/summer has a lot of old and new fashions.
Everything you see here has been on the runway, but we all don't have tons of money so I have put together the most popular picks for the season comparing prices.


 You can go with something more expensive like this Cardigan from Banana Republic for $130, or you can get one at these prices below. You can't even tell the difference on brand.
 Forever 21 Stripe Button up Cardigan $17
 H&m  Blue double breasted cardigan. $35
 Urban Outfitters men's cardigan $39

Men's Bermuda shorts

 IZOD White Bermuda shorts $80? no thanks you can find them way cheaper somewhere else!
 Gap Beige Bermuda shorts $40
Zara white Bermuda shorts $59

Button up Dress shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch $88, seems like a lot for just a logo on the pocket, that nobody's probably going to notice anyway.
 RW&CO Striped Button up shirt $59
Urban Outfitters Button up shirt $48

Graphic T's
Graphic t-shirts are very popular this spring for both men and women,they don't have to be expensive keep it under $30.
 Guess Graphic tees $32-39  to much for something that I can find somewhere cheaper!
 Hot Topic $20-$27
American Eagle $15

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