Sunglasses that are hot this season

First you need to determine what the shape of your face is before you can pick out a pair a sunglasses 

Try-oval and round shapes
-Butterfly Glasses.

Try a more angular shape like rectangles or horizontal styles to make the face appear longer.
-Wayfarer Glasses

Top heavy designs with less frame around the lens.
-Pilot or Rimless Glasses

Tall frames to create a shorter face.
-Shield Glasses

You are lucky and can wear     
most shapes just steer clear
of anything too big.
-Square or Round Glasses

Choose something that will
bring out your cheekbones to
maintain a balanced look.
- Cat Eye Glasses

                                                               Bottom heavy frames to
                                                               add width to your face.
                                                               -Round or Semi Rimless Glasses

Then you can go shopping!!

D&G $149

Guess $80

Tom Ford $395

Vogue $129

Oakley $175

Juicy Culture $145

Oakley Limited $130

Oakley  $180

Ray-Ban $124

Ray-Ban $139

Ray-Ban $175

Ray-Ban $175

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