Every wonder what its like to have the most perfect skin during the summer?

I hated when my skin got all dry and itchy from the sun if I didnt protect myself from it.
So I am going go let YOU know how to protect yourself from the sun so you dont have dry itchy skin,instead lets get soft mousturized skin without the damage. Lets go ------>

#1 exfoliate your skin
#2 hydrate your body with moisturizer
#3 Get the right protection with your sun screen
#4 hydrate by drinking water

so lets get started.......

#1 EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN: tools needed: loofah(or shower tool), microdermabrasion kit.(or any micro beaded face scrub, sea salt also works if you mix it with cleansing soap)

DO NOT use bar soap to clean your face. This only dries out your skin from all the perfume built inside.
A good facewash is one with smaller beads to exfoliate your skin. This works amazing on anyone who has oily skin or is prone to acne.
This will help scrub off all the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin that are causing blackheads and zits.
Start by wetting your face all over with warm water, if you have oily or acne prone skin use warm to hot water.
Warm water open our pores to expose all the dirt and germs so we can scrub them all away!

*Remember to only use smaller beads in your face wash as bigger beads will tear and ruin your skin. A face wash shouldnt be a painful experience*

Then take your facewash and slowly massage it into your skin(NOTE ANY FACE CLEASNERS THAT FOAM ALOT DRY SKIN OUT AND ARE NOT GOOD FOR IT). While on your t-one be sure to be extra careful as this is the most delicate spot that oil and dirt like to hide, but lucky for you the micro beads will get rid of any black heads as well!
This should be done once to twice a week for anybody with oily skin.
Anybody who has dry to combination skin should avoid scrubbing your face completley as your face cannot hold the natural oils therfore your face will just get even more dry with a scrubbing lotion. If you are someone who has dry to combination skin use a facewash that put moisture back into your skin or just use a normal facewash and make sure to put moisturizer on before bed.

Try L'Oreal's Microdermabrasion kit its cheap AND effective

#2HYDRATE YOUR BODY: Make sure that you moiturize your WHOLE body after any shower,and also when you get back in from the sun!

The best moisturizer I have been using is vaseline dry skin conditioning with vitamins E&A its the yellow bottle with the blue lid( sorry I dont have any pictures but you can go here http://www.keepingskinamazing.ca

Make sure you due this everyday to keep your skin looking and feeling soft( In the summer it keeps your tan dark and last longer, and it doesnt hurt that it makes you look younger by doing it!)

#3 GET THE RIGHT PROTECTION WITH YOUR SUNSCREEN: Broad spectrum sunscreen shields you from both UVB AND UVA rays, which are what bruns our skin. Make sure to pick the RIGHT SPF for YOU.

Ask yourself how long it takes your skin to burn, then multiply that number by the SPF on your bottle and that should be the approx. number to when you should re-apply.

Not everybody is the same though, so remember to think about how your own body reacts to the sun. Just dont skip the sunscreen or you will look ten years older than you really are by the time you hit 30....or sooner!

50% of people don't wear sunscreen because of the way it feels or smells on their skin.

Check out PRODUCTS I USE for the best sunscreen I have found

#4 HYDRATE BY DRINKING WATER: Yummy yummy water!!!

Not only does water help improve out motor skills by hydrating and giving us energy, it helps us with bad skin too!

why? because it flushes all the toxins out of our skin and replaces it with hydration and softer skin.

Think about it this way, if a sponge is sitting by the sink wet, it eventually dries out and gets wrinkles all over it. Well its the same with our skin, its going to get dried up and your wrinkles will be more noticable.

So drink at least 8 cups of water everyday to keep looking fresh and hydrated!

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