I just had to rate everything 5/5!!

This is the Latest Glow Magazine that I had purchased a few days ago.

This one really caught my attention,with the bright bold pink and turqouise cover. While inside was the same vibrant neon colors that are sweeping everything from the headband on your head to the nail polish on your toes.When I got home to my surprise,I already had a few things that they are raving about in this issue.

* If you haven't gotten sun glasses yet, I would invest, this summers gonna be a bight one!.....take a look ------>

This is Nicole by Opi. The one I currently have is respect the world its the turqouise one 4th from the left and the one featured underneath.
The next colors on the list for me to grab and run with are something without spring, which is a very vibrant pink and Honey Dew you love me. If you want to see all the colors they have feel free to go onto the website for a closer look at all the products and the ones I use.

Do you have a really hard time trying to find mascara that is are going to give you volume, more thickness and wont clump? Then do you go to the store and waste $14 on a new product just to find out they were wrong . You get clumpy,limp lashes that make you look like they have all fallen out. SEARCH NO MORE!

FALSIES by maybelline?

Its awesome! I am so excited about this new mascara because it ACTUALLY does all the things it says its supose to.
It comes with a spoon shaped wand that creates a longer thicker looking lash!

This is a BRAND NEW product that just came out onto the shelves this summer! and its super cheap right now on sale for $7.99.....................
.................so what are you waiting for? go out and get some to see what you have been missing.

This is the NEWEST Hawaiian Tropic product, and if you get out to the stores fat you might still catch it on sale for $9.99 for 15 spf or $6.99 for 30 spf.
I am IN LOVE with this sunscreen!! it does give you that yucky sticky icky feeling like you just rubbed a pore blocking shield over your skin.
It leaves your pores feeling fresh and breathable , and to top it all off, they added coconut and exotic tropical sents to leave you smelling good and with the antioxidants mixed in,this leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth for when you want to cuddle up next to your partner in front on a fire ,after a day at the beach.

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