HALLS to the rescue!
These are one of my FAVORITES!, I only like this flavour and the Vick's Lemon, but I can't seem to find the Vick's Lemon flavour anywhere,So I just stick to these and they work just as good!
This is the BIG BAD BUCKLEY'S its discusting(I find it less gross when warm)
The thing is though, it ACTUALLY works! no syrup has worked for me but this one does and FAST!
This is one of my most Favourite things to eat while being sick.
I dont know if it's because I eat it so boiling hot it, opens my nose up to breath or if its the comfort of hot soup but it helps me feel better!
It also helps for Winter colds to keep you warm :)
These are one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
They sell them at the mall here where I live so you can check your local mall to see if they are available to you as well. (they are usually sold at kiosks)
Its a heating pad that you just CLICK to make hot or CLICK to turn off, how easy is that?

Now for last but not least VAPO RUB! yaaaaaaa I love this stuff! I prefer this over nasal spray as nasal spray can dry your nose out and you cant put it on your chest, so why not have this that can "kill two birds with one stone"

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  1. Very useful info are shared by you..The things you shared this blog is very important to follow during sick time..


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