NO FEAR ! I have the cure for you. So get out of bed and start living your summer outside and not in.

Step 1: take lots of vitamins, VITAMIN C is the best.
Vitamin C boosts the immune system making you body force the infection out that's causing you so much grief!

Step 2: HYDRATE! drink lots and lots and I mean LOTS of water.
Water flushes out all the toxins in your body and also keeps your skin from drying out from all the Kleenex your using!

Step 3: Use steroidal nasal sprays ONLY when necessary. Don't over use these medications! They can actually cause your nose to become painfully dry. When properly used, these sprays will help minimize your symptoms

Step 4: Take a warm washcloth and put it on  your face, or if you have a heating pad or something that stays heated for a while use that. This will help your congestion.

Step 5: Take over the counter medications (if you can) Tylenol or Advil will help with the symptoms and reduce swelling.
Also think about getting some throat lozenges or some cough syrup. I really like Buckley's.....yes it does taste nasty but it works!


REST!- nobody wants you at work or at school SICK! yuck would you wanna catch that? no way.
So do what the doctor tells you and STAY HOME!

Below are some of the things I LOVE to have while being sick, so check them out !

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