Marcelle True radiance is by far the BEST foundation I have found, Fingers crossed it doesn't get discontinued like so many other. I gave it 5/5 and I will give you 5 reasons why, look below.

Not only is it available EVERYWHERE it's cheap! at only $15

Do you use your hand like I do to put your foundation on?
Have you ever has it get stuck on your fingers and nothing would get it off?
Well this is the perfect product for you, you don't even need soap to wash it off, with no sticky residue left over. How awesome is that?!
its HYPO-ALLERGENIC & has SPF 15 so it filters the UVA & UVB rays and because it's perfume free it less likely to clog your pores you don't have to feel bad after a night out and accidentally leave your makeup on!  ;)
and last but certainly not least it can be used on all skin types AND it creates a mask without that "mask" feeling. Your face can breath and its easy to remove before bed.
I have seen results for myself....well because I use it, Its helped with my skin in more ways then one.

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