Sensitive Skin for Men

My boyfriend has pretty sensitive skin, he breaks out easy if the product is to strong or if his razor is dull or crappy. I am sure a lot of Men have this problem.
I have the answer to your skin care questions.

Why is my skin breaking out?
  • First check that you don't have an allergy (I am allergic to lanolin which is found in most creams, so it makes my skin burn and break out)

What is Lanolin?-click link to find out

  Common reasons your cream/face wash is making you break out
    • Oil based cream-oil blocks your pores and most have a few mixed together the product just sits on your face instead of absorbing it into the skin.
    • Lanolin-Although it works well many products have synthetic lanolin which is a different substance and can clog pores. Get a bottle of pure Lanolin oil instead to be sure its all natural.
    • Pigments and D&C Red Dye-Be cautious or avoid D&C Red #9 and D&C Red #40, which are derived from coal tar, other red dyes may cause breakouts as well if you are more prone to breakouts.

    • Alcohol-Using alcohol on your face may cause your skin to over dry (especially with oilier skin types) This will lead to more breakouts.

    • Fragrance-Perfumes in lotions and face wash can cause irritation. Try a fragrance free lotion/wash as they are only used to cover up chemical smell.

    • Sulfates- A moisturizer/face wash with sulfates in it can leave a film on your skin creating blocked pores leading to blackheads.

Ingredients to avoid-

Here are some of the products Kiel likes to use on his face. 
These have reduced breakouts and skin dryness.

                              Gillette's Sensitive Face wash

          Gillette After shave lotion with intense cooling
                    Gillette Proglide shaver GREAT for sensitive skin

 body wash product I recommend 

                                             Old Spice "Fiji"


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