Power Outage

How many times have the lights gone out and you couldn't find your flashlight, or even worse the batteries are dead. 
Storms are sometimes scary, especially if its night time and your power goes out. Do you know where to go and what to do if it lasts for more than a few hours? 


Light, Communication, and Warmth Are the Key Components of Every Power Outage Kit

-At least two flashlights(tape the batteries on the outside so they don't go bad)
-A few packs of waterproof Matches and lighters(to light a fire if outside or candles)
-Multitool which includes a can opener
-Windup or battery powered radio(to hear whats going on)
-Windup or battery powered alarm clock
-10-12 lightsticks
-3 twelve to thirty hour Candles(to keep you warm and help you see in the dark)
-Fire extinguisher (just a small one)
-Canned/boxed goods(replace every year)
-Camp cooking stove
-First aid kit with hand/body warmers

Keep this kit somewhere you can get to easily and will remember where it is. 
You can purchase kits or make your own, this kit is easy and cheap to make. 
Put everything(but food,you can do that later) in a backpack for easy transport and so you have a bag in case you need to change locations.
Sometimes their is no telling how long a power outage will be especially in the case of a blackout.


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